Our Mission

Community Is Our Method


Ethos Structured Sober Living is a thriving community of men in recovery, situated in the heart of West Los Angeles. Our purpose is to facilitate long-term sobriety by fostering accountability, camaraderie, and character development. We achieve this by providing a supportive environment where residents work together to reinforce positive lifestyle changes through peer feedback, adventure, and unwavering support. Our mission is to empower individuals to reclaim their lives and live to their fullest potential by fostering a culture of positivity, personal growth, and lasting recovery.



Ethos house members attend nightly dinners together, as a family, and a weekly Unity house meeting to discuss any issues that come up with members of the house. All house members actively work a 12-step program with their sponsors, participate in outside meetings, and take part in a weekly house outings of their choice. Consequently, this creates an environment that promotes cohesive unity, accountability and brotherhood between house members that enables them to walk through the trials and tribulations that accompany new found sobriety. At Ethos, we set the standard high and truly understand what it means to be our brother’s keeper.

Meet Our Team

All staff members at Ethos Recovery are proud graduates of the program, and they understand firsthand the challenges of navigating mental health and substance abuse issues. Their personal experiences give them a unique perspective and empathy, allowing them to provide support and guidance to those walking the same path.

Our Residence

where you can feel like home