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  • When I came into Ethos I had no life skills, no idea how to live life and I was unhappy with myself because I could not do anything due to my fears stopping me from doing anything with my life. I knew from the start that I was committed to graduate the house and I was “gun-ho” in the beginning, but then I hit some walls when I had more responsibilities. Today I can handle all of my responsibilities and much more then I have ever been able to. I got my first real job while in the house and I did not know how to handle the responsibilities that came with it, initially. Over time I learned how to handle my responsibilities and grow from my mistakes by looking at my part and what I could do better the next time around. In addition, I had a very co-dependent relationship with my mom and constantly asked her to bail me out when life got hard; I would use her to get what I needed/wanted. Ethos has taught me that this type of behavior has disabled my ability to grow and that when I work for the things that I need/want it just feels so much better and I learn how to be more independent, developing more life skills that serve my family and I. Today I have a much better relationship with my mom and I am very grateful for Ethos and the life I have today.

    Forrester S. – Ethos Alumni
  • I am writing this testimonial in the hope that It might give another family in crisis the hope and help we were fortunate enough to have gotten from Chris and the men at Ethos House. Our son had been struggling with addiction and several overdoses since his freshman year of college. He’d also since been diagnosed with a mental health disorder that was contributing to an already complex and seemingly impossible situation. He is now (thankfully) 23 years old and has been sober for fourteen months, after three years and six rehabilitation centers.

    David A. - Ethos Alumni's Parent

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