The holidays are a stressful time, particularly for people looking to stay clean and sober. But there are ways to take time off from the temptation of alcohol and drugs and still have a fun, happy holiday with your loved ones. The good news? Maintaining your sobriety during the holidays is manageable, and you’ll feel all the better coming out of the holiday season feeling your absolute best!

Maintaining Sobriety During the Holidays Can Be Challenging

It’s no secret that the holidays are a time of stress, pressure, and temptation.

The holiday season is filled with parties, family gatherings, and opportunities to drink and use recreationally – especially when your family and friends also partake in these habits.

Between “Blackout Wednesday” (the Wednesday before Thanksgiving), and New Year’s Eve, research shows that over 450,000 monitored DUI offenders increased their drinking rates by 33%.

It’s vital that you remember that it is possible to still enjoy the holidays while maintaining your road to recovery

Sobriety is a lifelong journey, and the holidays are a part of that journey. The key is not to let the holidays get in the way of your sobriety.

4 Strategies to Help You Maintain Your Sobriety During the Holidays

The holidays are a magical time of year. They bring out the best in people. They make it easy to spend time with family and friends. They allow us to spread a little joy to others. But they also can be a challenge for those who struggle with addiction. That doesn’t mean you have to hide! Here are four strategies to help you maintain your sobriety during the holidays! 

Focus on What You’re Thankful For

The holiday season is all about being thankful and sharing your gratitude with others. This is the perfect time to remember that sobriety is a gift.

Who you are today is the result of all the people in your life who have supported you on your journey. The holidays are a perfect time to thank all the people you love and those who have helped you on your journey.

Find Different Mocktail Recipes To Try Out

The holidays are a time to celebrate, and that involves drinking. But you don’t have to drink the same old Christmas drinks every single year. There are plenty of holiday beverages to try out. Try some non-alcoholic eggnog, a cranberry spritzer, or a Shirley Temple.

Suggest Something Fun To Do

Holiday festivities can create opportunities for relapse, and you don’t want to let that happen. Suggesting a fun, sober activity can help your friends and family have an enjoyable time, all while avoiding temptations.

Try a board game, watch a movie, or check out a local museum. Don’t forget; you can also head outside for fun activities, including snowball fights, a stroll downtown, and top it off with a warm cup of hot chocolate!

Leave The Festivities Early

Finally, it’s crucial that you understand that you don’t have to be the life of the party or hang around for the last call. Have your fun, be merry, and enjoy some holiday cheer, but know when it’s time to go home.

You’ll get to enjoy all the fun, and your loved ones will get to see just how far you’ve come as a person and in your journey. Nobody is going to judge you for leaving the party early.

Sobriety Tips and Strategies from Ethos Recovery

Maintaining your sobriety during the holidays doesn’t have to cause unease. By planning ahead and following a few simple strategies, you can have a fun and enjoyable holiday season and still maintain your sobriety.

Here at Ethos Recovery, we want you to enjoy your sobriety during the holidays. Our sober living community is here to support you and give you the tools and resources you need to stay sober during the holidays. Ethos Recovery offers a wide array of educational and recovery resources.

If you or a loved one are curious about sober living, recovery, or sober living homes, check out our sober living guide today.