When drugs and alcohol are removed from an addict’s life, gaps are left in former routines– leaving room to switch up activities and restructure one’s schedule. This leads many to wonder what to do with their time and how to enjoy activities they previously participated in while under the influence.

Here’s the good news for those in recovery: Sobriety is fun! A life without drugs and alcohol is not a sentence to live out the rest of your days in somber solitude. Getting sober means finally living your life. One of the greatest rewards of sobriety is rediscovering genuine joy. This could be anything from what you loved doing as a kid, like painting, or trying something new you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t if your addiction took priority. Saying yes to new opportunities strengthens your fellowship in recovery and your relationship with yourself.

Try some of these activities around Los Angeles to have a good time and do something new. There is a whole world of activities waiting for you!

Amusement Parks:

California is home to tons of amusement parks where you can spend a day on rides, eating great food and playing games. Revisit your favorite childhood movies at Disneyland in Anaheim. If you prefer to go fast, spend the day at 6 Flags or Knott’s Berry Farm. Universal Studios is also right off the 101 and getting splashed on the Jurassic Park ride is a milestone for anyone spending time in the city.

Beach Days and Activities:

Most days out of the year are perfect for a beach trip with friends. Take advantage of what the West Coast has to offer! Visit the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica or drive to Malibu where you can find beautiful spots from Zuma Beach to Leo Carillo State Beach. You can show off your grill skills and make a great lunch with your friends while you enjoy the sunshine.


You can’t speed in L.A. traffic, but you can drive as fast as these karts will go at some Go Kart locations. If you aren’t on a fast ride at an amusement park, take a day trip to race your friends at places like K1 Speed in Gardena or Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting in Burbank.

Outdoor Movies:

For a chilled out Friday night, take a blanket and pick up some take-out to see movies playing outside at the Montalban Theater or Griffith Park Zoo. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s Cinespia theater is also a great venue for screenings and fun events. They play tons of classics you’ll love revisiting.


L.A. has great places to suit up for paintball and play all day. With a lively group of people, you’ll be laughing and creating stories to tell afterward even if you have terrible aim. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy a day of games. Divide your group into teams and celebrate your victories with your comrades. This is also a great and unusual form of exercise!


The Getty Center is a next-level experience to see beautiful masterpieces you can’t find anywhere else. The view alone from up in the mountains makes the trip worth checking out. You can see the entire city from the courtyard and there are tons of events to attend and new exhibits to see. In Downtown L.A., the MOMA also has incredible exhibits and audio tours you can enjoy with any amount of people. Grab a burger at the Nickel Diner or Korean BBQ on Olympic Blvd after exploring the museum’s modern and contemporary creations.


Hiking locations are some of the greatest places that L.A. has to offer with its outdoor-centric lifestyle. Scale Runyon Canyon to see Hollywood and all of Downtown LA or make your way up to the Griffith Observatory at sunset and see a great view of the sky. If you want to take an animal friend with you, these trails are pet-friendly and you can even ride horses near the Hollywood sign. In the Pacific Palisades, discover the waterfalls up Temescal Canyo. The Rustic Canyon Trail hike near Camp Josepho will also lead you down to old ruins of houses and a rumored bunker from WWII.

Comedy Clubs:

There is nothing like laughing in sobriety. Sometimes after a long day the best way to unwind is to see some comedy so you can crack up and keep your mood lifted. Go see your favorite standup comics and watch up-and-comers at The Comedy Store on Sunset. If you love Saturday Night Live and used to be a Mad TV fan, watch a sketch show at The Groundlings, the same place where comedians like Melissa McCarthy and Will Ferrell started out.