Lifestyle Interventions

Ethos Recovery understands the importance of a holistic approach to recovery, and that includes addressing lifestyle changes that are necessary for long-term recovery from mental health and substance abuse issues. As such, Ethos has partnered with Lifestyle Interventions, our mentoring program that focuses on overall lifestyle change rather than just addressing current episodes of substance abuse and mental health disorders.

The partnership between Ethos Recovery and Lifestyle Interventions is of paramount importance during the transition phase out of Ethos Recovery. This is because we understand that transitioning from the highly structured, sober living environment of Ethos to independent living can be challenging. We want to ensure that our clients continue to receive the support they need to maintain their recovery and avoid relapse.

To accomplish this, Lifestyle Interventions provides ongoing support and guidance to our clients as they navigate the transition phase. This involves helping them to integrate the healthy lifestyle habits, emotional resilience, and decision-making skills they developed at Ethos into their everyday lives. By working together, we can ensure that our clients have the resources and support they need to flourish.

We also hold our clients accountable to the activities of daily living that enriched their recovery at Ethos. This includes things like regular exercise, healthy eating, meditation, and continued involvement in support groups. By continuing to prioritize these activities, our clients can maintain their physical and emotional well-being and avoid falling back into old patterns. Overall, the partnership between Ethos Recovery and Lifestyle Interventions is an integral part of our commitment to helping our clients achieve lasting recovery and lead fulfilling lives.