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Meet the Ethos Recovery team, a group of individuals tirelessly dedicated to helping you maintain a sober & healthy lifestyle. We believe we truly are our brother’s keeper.

Chris Howard – Founder / Program Director

Chris Howard

Chris Howard knows first hand the wake of destruction that individuals and families experience as a result of addiction and mental health disorders. A Los Angeles native, Chris grew up in a home with a mentally ill mother and experienced the hardships and challenges that come with caring for someone in a continuously fragile mental state. As a young man, Chris turned to drugs and alcohol to help escape his troubles at home. After more than a decade of struggling with addiction, Chris finally was forced to make a change in 2009.

Initially, Chris had no intention of embracing long-term sobriety. He simply wanted a better life than the day-to-day struggle and chaos of an individual active in his addiction. However, after roughly 6 months of staying clean and sober Chris discovered a newfound sense of purpose in giving back to the community, and this changed him forever. He found tremendous benefit in a highly structured sober living environment/community and utilized it to change his life in monumental ways.

Chris continued his mission in recovery as a Director of a prominent sober living house in 2010. He learned the benefit of mentoring other men struggling with addiction over the course of many months, rather than watching them constantly relapse upon discharge from short-term treatment programs. Chris discovered his own determination to help individuals and their families regain the integrity, responsibility, and joy in sobriety that were once taken away by the disease of addiction.

Consequently, Chris went back to school, earning a B.A. in Psychology from UCLA in 2013 and furthered his understanding of the human mind. In addition, he volunteered at a social justice research lab at UCLA to better grasp real life social dynamics and witness how, and more importantly, why people can change.

At Ethos House, Chris it utilizing his years of personal and professional experience to better the lives of young men who walk through the front doors demoralized and lost. Through the structure and their experience at Ethos House, these men not only learn how to overcome addiction, but also thrive as mature, responsible, and joyful individuals in their journey of life.

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